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The one who lights the island with his youth


Chen Kanggui, an electricity worker from the China Southern Power Grid, has stayed on Techeng island for 25 years.[Photo from sinomach.com.cn]


Three nautical miles away from Zhanjiang city, Guangdong province, is located Techeng Island, which covers only 3.6 square kilometers. Twenty-five years ago, there was no electricity or running water on the island, while today it is brightly lit, thanks to the dedication of Chen Kanggui, an electricity worker from the China Southern Power Grid.

Electricity became available to Zhanjiang city in 1926 when a French merchant established an electric light company. The electricity history of Techeng Island, however, was put off for 62 years. In 1988, Chen was among the first batch of power supply pioneers, and has stayed on the island for 25 years. The islanders all honor him as “Uncle Gui”.


Uncle Gui works with his colleagues.[Photo from sinomach.com.cn]

Uncle Gui has planned and built all the electric power circuits on the island. “Nearly every electric wire has been pulled by Uncle Gui,” said Chen Shu, former leader of the island.

After the establishment of power facilities, the voltage on the island was low because it was far from the power supply source of Zhanjiang. Some islanders couldn’t even turn on their lights at home.

To get round the bad effects of the power supply on the tourism development of Techeng Island, Uncle Gui stayed at the construction site and rushed about between the site and power supply points until a rational plan have been introduced.

When the island suffered from typhoons in the past, the power supply lines often broke down. Uncle Gui would rush to the scene whenever he was called.

In recent years, the grid investment on Techeng Island has been increased a lot, which guarantees the power supply for living and working.

Unfortunately, Uncle Gui was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal carcinoma this year, and needs to stay in bed. His followers have picked up his baton and have formed a service group after his name. Undoubtedly, the spirit of Uncle Gui has lit up Techeng Island, as well as the islanders’ hearts.

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