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The most beautiful electric welding “Mulan”


Yi Ran, a staff member from CSR Yangtze Company’s Zhuzhou branch, has spent 13 years of her life in the assembly workshop. [Photo from workercn.cn]

“An electric sparkle is alive in my eyes, and represents hardships and also indicates hope. The splendid sparkles made by the welding torch have lightened my life,” said Yi Ran, a senior welding technician, describing her work.

Yi Ran is on the staff of the China South Locomotive and Rolling Stock Corporation (CSR)’s Yangtze Co Zhuzhou branch. She is currently the monitor of the assembly workshop women’s welding class. Yi has been awarded many honors, such as model worker in Hunan province, model worker in CSR, national locomotive medal and national Labor Day medal.

In Sept 2011, Yi took part in an international welding competition at Luneburg in Germany. Facing the challenges of worldwide top welder technicians, Yi, as the only female welder, finally won “Special Award”, the top award of the competition, after several rounds of tests. Yi was dubbed by German media reporters the welding “Mulan”, an ancient heroine who disguised herself as a man and replaced her elder father to join the army.

What’s behind the success has been painstaking dedication. In summer, Yi needs to complete a welding task of 125 meters, which means half of the 20 kg welding wire needs to be used before her daily work accomplished. Ou Qinglian, former monitor of the women welding class, appraised Yi, “I was once worried that such a delicate girl couldn’t endure the hard work. Little did I think that she is so hardworking and talented. I remember every miracle that Yi made in our group.”

The women’s welding class is very popular in Zhuzhou branch. Its members have been enlarged to 37 from 6 since its establishment in 2000. As a monitor, Yi often communicates with other followers and shares her experience, leading the group to overcome more than 20 technical difficulties.

Yi Ran, who has spent the most beautiful 13 years of her life in the assembly workshop, continues to showcase the elegant demeanor of contemporary female welders.

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