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Zhang Xiaolun visits Sinomach subsidiary



Zhang Xiaolun, chairman of China National Machinery Industry Co (Sinomach), visited the company’s subsidiary CHTC Jingwei Textile Machinery Co in Beijing on May 22.

During the trip, Zhang visited the company’s exhibition hall, a big data center, and several workshops to learn about the company’s current state of operations.

Jingwei Textile Machinery boasts a long history and has been witness to the impressive development of China’s textile industry, said Zhang Xiaolun at a work meeting during his visit.

He said that the company should treasure its rich experiences and attach more importance to innovation.

An employee at CHTC Jingwei Textile Machinery Co briefs Zhang Xiaolun (M), chairman of Sinomach, on the layout of the company during Zhang’s visit on May 22. [Photo/] 

A Jingwei Textile Machinery employee introduces a product to Zhang Xiaolun at one of the company’s factories on May 22. [Photo/]

Zhang Xiaolun (second row, third from left), speaks at a work meeting during his visit to CHTC Jingwei Textile Machinery Co on May 22. [Photo/]


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