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Sinomach to improve internationalization operations



A seminar on how to improve Sinomach's internationalization efforts is held in Beijing on April 9. [Photo/] 


China National Machinery Industry Co (Sinomach) held a seminar at its headquarters in Beijing on April 9 to discuss how to improve the company’s internationalization efforts.

Bai Shaotong, deputy general manager of the company, attended the meeting and shared his views.

He pointed out that Sinomach was one of the first domestic companies to participate in foreign trade and international engineering projects, and said that the company’s internationalization efforts play a key role in improving the company’s innovation capabilities and international competitiveness.

He encouraged the company to facilitate communications with its partners around the world to foster a positive business environment, improve its soft power and competitiveness, and promote the proper management of its overseas offices.

During the meeting, attendees also discussed the current state of the company’s overseas operations, challenges the company is facing and potential solutions, and possible future development trajectories.




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